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Baton Rouge Photo of the Day


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Nice work Mr. Bernham...what a drastic change in the skyline!!  Looks like a blend of some Chicago & Tampa :shades: Great location for the signature skyscraper...and the bookend tower on the right


Hope you and everybody on UP are having a nice New Year so far :thumbsup:



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I went site seeing in East Feliciana and snapped a few pictures with my phone.


Glencoe Plantation - The sign said it was built in 1870, I also read it had burnt down and was rebuilt in the early 1900's. It's bigger than what the picture would lead you to believe.





Belle Haven Plantation - I'd never heard of this one, but saw the saw and decided to stop.




Richland Plantation - This is the house the home on North Foster, Great Oaks, is based on. It's actually taller and more impressive than the picture shows



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Dan326...Nice change of pace with the rural landscapes of East Feliciana!


All2Neat...one of my favorite shots! Like how they built the new courthouse on a direct axis on Fourth Street with State Capitol on the other end...interesting to see that at 11-stories it's Taller than the 12-strory II City Plaza....one of those surface parking lots looks like an ideal location for a new high-rise office tower!


I'm flipping the view here....




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Mr Bernham,

No. I had to take care of a ticket and appear so I could sign up for an online course to get the ticket waived.

I agree Richy, it would be awesome if a nice modern 15 to 20 floor building were to occupy those lots.

Ah, sorry then. 


Mock Trial was this past Friday and Downtown was so busy, it was kind of nice to see. 

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