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Providence, Rhode Island


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Note that this set of photos is set one of many - I am trying to split them up the best I can. Thanks

About two weeks ago I visited Providence the capital city and the largest city in Rhode Island and despite the fact that I can be accused of being biased towards Hartford I fell in love with Providence. This city is a city that is rich in history and education as well as a city that is a global center of business.

Providence is home to such institutions as Brown University, Providence College, RI School of Design and Johnson & Wales. The city also features a convention center, world class mall, hundreds of historic buildings, a Little Italy that can rival ones in even bigger cities and a thriving nightlife

Sadly when I visited it was cloudy out so many of the pictures feature cloudy conditions.

PART I: Downcity the Convention Center/Westin/Mall/Civic Center

The 364 room Westin Hotel Providence which is conncected to the RI Convention Center and the Providence Place Mall. The hotel is set to undergo an addition that will construct an entire second tower that will feature 200 more hotel rooms, retail space and upscale condominiums


The entrance of the Westing looking toward the site of the 2nd tower


The Westin tower with the mall to the left of it


Interior of the Westin



The RI Convention Center- 100,000 square foot exhibition hall, 20,000 square foot ballroom, 23 meeting rooms, and a 2400 space parking garage



Interior of the Convention Center



The Providence Place Mall features 170+ upscale shops and restaurants making it a premier shopping destination. A nice thing about this mall is that many of the restaurants open up onto the street and so when I went by on a Saturday night there were hundreds of people outside the mall.

Streetscape along the mall with the GTECH World Headquarters under construction across from it


The mall, Westin Hotel and the GTECH World Headquarters under construction across from it


GTECH World Headquarters under construction with the mall next to it


View of the mall from the Jefferson @ Providence Place/ 903 (other side of I-95)


Interior of the mall




View from the inside of the mall- bad picture but you can see the river which was dug up


Dunkin Donuts Center (civic center/arena) which is located in back of the convention center, Westin and mall. The center is undergoing a major renovation. The 14,500 seat arena is home to the AHL Providence Bruins Hockey Team and the Providence College men's basketball team


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PART II: Downcity- The State Capital area and goverment buildings

The RI State Capital from the Providence Place Mall


Close up of the capital


State of RI Offices located directly across from the capital


The new RI Credit Union across from the capital


The former historic Masonic Temple which is being converted into a Renaissance Hotel


The side of the Masonic Temple and the State Capital


Providence City Hall


Providence City Hall with Kennedy Plaza on the left and the historic Biltmore Hotel to the right of City Hall


Federal Court



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awesome pics.. wish it was a better day though ;) The 380 ft westin addition and two more 200ft -ish condo towers should be near completetion by the end of the year so it'll be interesting to get some new pics on here. The 520 ft 110 westminster condo tower should starting rising vertically sometime this summer i HOPE as well

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It's always interesting to see what visitors choose to photograph. I didn't even think of taking photos of the Westin construction from the Convention Center skybridge.

That shot of the State House and Masonic Temple together is nice, is that from the mall garage?

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That shot of the State House and Masonic Temple together is nice, is that from the mall garage?

Yes its from the top of the mall garage...I got a great view of the Masonic Temple, capital, 903, The Foundry, and the highway from there

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Sadly when I visited it was cloudy out so many of the pictures feature cloudy conditions.

I've heard at least one commentator say that he prefers Providence in cloudy conditions. Help to make up for the lack of height, in his opinion.

I don't have an opinion. For what that's worth. :unsure:

Glad to hear your kind words about our fair city, though. Be sure to come back when all these projects are complete!

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PART III: Downcity Accomodations

The Hotel Providence: A new botique hotel that opened recently in a series of completly renovated buildings. The hotel has 80 rooms, 4000 square feet of meeting space and an upscale restaurant called L'Epicureo


The Holiday Inn Express Providence Downtown which is currently undergoing a major renovation and small expansion to convert the hotel into a Hilton. The hotel is located right in back of the Dunkin Donuts Center. The hotel has 274 rooms on 14 floors as well as 4535 square feet of meeting space


The hotel with the Dunkin Donuts Center to the right of it


Courtyard by Marriott Providence Downtown which is across from the Providence Place Mall, Westin and convention center and next to GTECH. The hotel has 211 rooms on 7 floors


The Providence Biltmore Hotel which is located right next to the convention center and Westin Hotel. The 291 room hotel opened back in 1922. The hotel has a McCormick & Schmick's Restaurant, a Starbucks and a spa called the EA Red Door Spa


Already pictured above but the 364 room Westin Hotel Providence at the RI Convention Center


The Mowry Nicholson House- although it is opposite of I-95 its still very close to the heart of the city. The house was recently completed renovated into a B&B


Hotel Dolce Villa which is in the heart of Federal Hill (Little Italy- pictures coming soon). The hotel has 16 rooms plus a seperate villa in the back


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PART IV: Downcity Office Space

From FAR left to right is the RI Hospital Trust Building/ Fleet Library at RISD, One Financial Plaza, 50 Kennedy Plaza, the Bank of America Building and 70 Kennedy Plaza


Downcity skyscrapers from the Westin


Downcity skyscrapers from the Holiday Inn including the Biltmore Hotel (tall red brick), Bank of America (pointy top), One Financial Plaza (Behind Biltomre) and Anthem Blue Cross the brick and glass building in the front of the picture


Kennedy Plaza area, back of 110 Westminster Site (info will be on the residential section)


10 Weybosset Street


Entrance to the Turks Head Building


One Citizens Plaza with the Westin tower in the distance


Merchants Bank Building


The Providence Journal Headquarters (red brick) with the white center advertising the new residences at the Westin which are being built behind the sign


The future headquarters of GTECH which will be located across from the Providence Place Mall. The 210,000 square foot building will be 10 stories, is being built at a cost of 80 million and is the first office tower being built in the city in 16 years. There will be ground level retail space as well as a new parking garage


GTECH next to the Courtyard by Marriott and Westin Hotels


The formely vacant Foggarty Building now features newly renovated office space right next to the convention center and Dunkin Donuts Center


The Foggarty Building, RI Convention Center, westin hotel in back of convention center and Providence Journal to right of it all


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Nice pics, there's some interesting buildings downtown. Just curious if you have some info on the Turk's Head Building, it seems unique.

Unfortunatly I dont have a pic of the whole building the Turks Head Building was built back in 1913 and is 16 stories high. If you just go to google and type in Turks Head Building there are some pics of the entire building

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PART V: Downcity Arts, Entertainment, Clubs, Restaurants

Trinity Repertory Theater


Trinity Brewhouse near the Trinity Repertory Theater


Providence Performing Arts Center located near Johnson & Wales University and the Hotel Providence. The theater originally opened back in 1928 as a Loew's Movie Palace


Pell Chafee Performing Arts Center: Reently opened ( last year) by the Trinity Repertory Theater


Brasserie Bravo near the Pell Chaffee Perforing Arts Center


Coffee King - The smallest building in the city I believe


Club Diesel


Custom House Tavern


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PART VI: Downcity Residential Projects

Westminster Street Lofts: A series of buildings on Westminster Street some of which were home to old department stores are being converted into 200 loft style apartments plus all the buildings will feature ground level retail space




The Palmer Building now The Cosmpolitan: A recently renovated building that now houses 12 luxury condos as well as ground level retail space


The rear of the building


110 Westminster Street: The building will become the tallest building in the city and in the state of RI at 520 feet and house luxury condominiums


The site



The former Dreyfus Hotel which is being converted into 26 affordabel studios for artists


The Jefferson at Providence Place now the 903, an apartment complex that was built a little while ago was recently purchased and converted into condos and renamed the 903.



The Foundry located near the 903 all behind the Providence Place Mall. The Foundry will include 220 luxury apartments, office space and retail space. The Foundry complex was built back in 1872 and has been partially vacant since 1964




70 Kennedy Plaza- Was being converted into condos but I believe the project was halted


Regency Plaza Apartments near the Holiday Inn Express Providence Downtown


A downtown apartment building- dont know which one


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PART VII: Colleges and Universities in Downcity and on College Hill

College Hill is home to the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University

Downcity is home to Johnson and Wales as well as some buildings for the Rhode Island School of Design,

Roger Williams University and the University of Rhode Island

The renovated Shepard Building at the University of Rhode Island- recently renovated by the university


Roger Williams University Building Downcity


Rhode Island School of Design Fletcher Building in Downcity - recently renovated by the university


Rhode Island School of Design Center for Integrative Technologies which is next to the Fletcher Building (pictured above) all in Downcity- recently renovated by the university


Part of Johnson and Wales University in Downcity


The Summerfield Building which was recently renovated by Johnson and Wales University in Downcity. The building was built back in 1913


Home of the Johnson and Wales Bookstore in Downcity


Abbott Park at Johnson and Wales


Brown University on College Hill





Brown University Wilson Hall


Rhode Island School of Design on College Hill


Various Brown and RI School of Design Buildings on College Hill





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PART VII: Federal Hill

Federal Hill is Providence's Little Italy and I have been to Little Italy's in New York and Boston and many other cities and Providence's can rival many other cities. Federal Hill is home to tons of Italian restaurants, bakeries, stores and even a hotel called Hotel Dolce Villa. I went to Federal Hill on a Sat night and the area was filled with car and foot traffic and most of the restaurants had very long waits- but dont worry I found one to eat at

Atwells Avene- the main road on Federal Hill like Mulberry Street in NYC's Little Italy






Hotel Dolce Villa


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PART VIII: Retail in downcity besides the mall, Public Safety, Library

Union Station which has been renovated and has office, retail and restaurant space


Building near the 110 Westminster site that is home to some small botique shops


The brand new Providence Public Safety Complex on Washington Street



Neighborhood around Public Safety Complex


Downcity from the Public Safety Complex


Providence Public Library


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You covered a lot of ground and did a lot of research to present this thread. Excellent work! :thumbsup:

One correction:


This is not a RISD building, the CIT or Mason Building is on the other side of Fletcher, on Weybosset. This building is one of Cornish's Loft Buildings, the Alice I believe. Ground floor is Tazza Caffe and The Space at Alice Gallery.

The dirt lot, should soon be a new condo/retail/office project.

Stunning city!! Looks like it's quite big. Thanks for the great tour you provided!

Actually, it's quite small, I think ctman photographed about everything there is to photograph. :lol:

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Thanks for the corrections...I was a little unsure about some of buildings I have photographed but theres more

PART IX: College Hill

These shots do include the eastern edge of College Hill which I think is a differant neighborhood then College Hill

Above there are shots of the colleges on College Hill which are the RI School of Design and Brown University. Besides the colleges College Hill reminds me of Nantucket and Beacon Hill combined. The area is home to many historic homes including many mansions and shops.

Downcity from College Hill




Start of College Hill


Wheeler School



Prospect Street


Various college hill shots




Benefit Street


Thayer and Angel St


320 Waylan Avenue


2 Thomas Street which is a new building that houses luxury condos


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PART X (probably skipped a few roman numerals sorry)

East Side of Providence which is the eastern side of College Hill which is near the Mass border - I believe

Water on the east side




Lorning Avenue area near the water


President and Lorning Ave


Riverview Place Shopping Mall (may be called Eastside Marketplace) with new residences of some sort being built straight ahead



New residences that are being built next to the Riverview Place Shopping Mall



Office Building - I think that is by the water


Richmond Square


Colonel Worsted Mill



Richmond Place - a fairly new assisted living facility


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BTW: What does GTech do?

They make lottery and gaming equipment and run several state and national lotteries. They're the largest company of their kind in the world. They were recently bought by an Italian firm (Lottomatica I think), but GTECH is so big, the Italian firm bought it, then basically put all the GTECH people in charge. Kind of like the Italian firm paid GTECH to buy them.

These shots do include the eastern edge of College Hill which I think is a differant neighborhood then College Hill

College Hill extends all the way to the river technically, but as with all neighborhood borders, the divisions are kind of blurry.

The East Side is near Mass., but the city of East Providence is between Providence and Mass. East Providence being a seperate city, and the East Side being part of Providence.

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