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Sun never sets on the Penguins Empire

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All the way from Russia the two leaders of a hundred+ organization that lives breaths and dies Pens hockey all over the former soviet-bloc, come to pay a visit to the hallowed Mellon Arena, minor-league team at Wilkes Barre and even go deep behind enemy lines to the Wachovia Center for a Pens game.

Each of them spent over $2,000 and more wanted to come save for their calendar. This is what I keep thinking of what we do, and say in Pittsburgh affects thousands all across the world. In some ways we are just as grand as the largest metros on earth, and just as influential, more and more local leaders should realize they aren't building a city but an empire. The Pens fans story is nothing, think of the millions of Steeler fans that the sun never sets on then think of how building Heinz, policing during SB celebrations, attracting major airline companies to transport visiting fans, building up the northshore game entertainment choices might affect a diehard Pittsburgh fan in South America or Germany etc. etc.

The glory of Rome without the lead piping? One can dream.

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