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Adobe Mission Churches of New Mexico


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Someone recently mentioned being interested in places or worship in another topic. So I thought I'd post some of my pics of adobe churches I've taken in New Mexico. Unfortunately many of my mission church pics are on film. But I'm slowly going back and retaking digital pics. I'll start off with a few of the Santa Cruz de la Canada mission church. The town which isn't too far north of Santa Fe was established in 1695. The church was built in the 1730's.





More to come.....

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Here's one that's photographed and painted quite a bit. Georgia O'Keefe being one of them. The San Francisco de Asis mission church in Taos, built in 1772.









I'll have to see what I can find deom earlier trips on my old digital camera.

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Here's one more for now, taken over a year ago. The Golden mission church, located in the small town of Golden east of Albuquerque. There was a small gold rush here. I don't recall the date but I think it might have been before the big California gold rush.


I'll post some more tomorrow.

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Those churches are beautiful :shades: It looks like they were coated with velvet.

Yeah the adobe give them an interesting look. Some of them have a high level of straw mixed in to the adobe. The straw reflects some of the light and gives it an interesting 'sheen'. I believe I have a couple of more churches that I actually have digital pics of, I'll post those later today.

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Man, that's some neat-looking stuff !

I've flown over part of New Mexico, but have never gotten to visit there. Oddly enough, the highway I live one block from goes all the way to New Mexico.

Which highway are you referring to? :D

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The last church I have digital pics of is the El Santuario de Chimayo. It's in the small town of Chimayo a bit north of Santa Fe. The town is known for it's particular type of chile peppers, it's weaving. There's two families that have ties to weaving for generations, and of course the church. The church was built in 1813, a bit late compared to many of the others I posted pictures of. The church is known for being on a particularly holy site. Thousands for pilgrims visit and to touch the dirt that is believed to have healing powers. I know I have more than just two pics of this church but so far I haven't had any luck finding them.



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