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Wishing to Make Atlanta Home

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I will be finishing graduate school shortly and, if I get my way *snicker*, I would like to move to Atlanta within the next six months. Of course, this is all dependent on me finding a job. My best bet is with the EPA in the federal building downtown.

My only concern is about where to live. I would like an apartment for a single woman in a QUIET neighborhood. I'm not interested in making friends. I'm not interested in being close to the nightlife. I do demand quiet. And I would prefer to live outside the city. Alpharetta looks like an attractive option. Yes, I know that is 1.5-hour commute to downtown. However, 1) I grew up in the Baltimore-Washington area, so a long commute doesn't bug me; and 2) I have no problem driving to a MARTA station (still a drive) and taking the subway downtown. Are there any other areas folks can recommend? My only requirement is quiet. Thanks folks! :shades:

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Read the rules please. We do not allow relocation posts on this site. Else we would be cluttered up with them. Please enjoy yourself here otherwise.

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