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Spring Break

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Did/is anyone going anywhere for spring break? My break started today and I have school off all of next week. I'm not going anywhere, I'll probably just be working more then normal. But I'll be going to Ann Arbor a few times, we are having a forum meet. If I get the time I might hit up Detroit.

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Well yesterday was our last day of school and I'm planning on going down to Columbia for Easter. My pops should be coming to get me tomarrow and ill be back probley Wedensday as I have to help move. Thats Columbia,SC by the way and were moving to Thomasville(boo!).

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mine was in mid march, but i had yesterday off and i still went out and enjoyed the nice weather with a little fishing trip

i went out to Port Austin, Michigan and Port Crescent State Park, both on Lake Huron

heres some pics

The Pennebog River right near its mouth



a few more



you can see a few more of my trip out in Michigans thumb here


please add any of your thoughts or comments there :)


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