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I just wanted to pass the news in case nobody here has seen it. But over in the Charlotte forum they showed that Yahoo has relesed a map feature similar to Windows local and Google Local. It shows more up to date views of Charlotte, Columbia, Greenville and even Spartenburg. The other to sites cut of downtown G-ville from the satilite views and this one shows pretty much the whole city. Just thought I should share this with yall.

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That is practically realtime for images of this type. The aerial photographs are very expensive. Most places only update them once every 5 years or so. I don't know the details on Yahoo's program, but I think that these images are pretty great- particularly since Greenville/Spartanburg is largely uncovered by Google's imagery.

Spartanburg's appear to be about 2 years old. The new shopping center where Best Buy & Lowes are today still has the Super K structure. I would think that Greenville's woudld be about the same age.

I am generally impressed at the detail and coverage of Yahoo's imagery. Even Clemson has decent detail for such a small area (its much better than Google's)

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