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Laulani Village Commercial Center

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SGPA is the design firm out of San Francisco/San Diego working on the project. If you follow the link, you see the type of work they do. Looks like Laulani Village will be in the "Lifestlye Center" category of shopping centers.

Seems like the center went through several interations. This is concept number 8 done in August 2005. I imagine they have gone through several more interations since then. It will be interesting to see the final design.

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Damn i hate lifestyle centers i wish they would just add it to like the supposed downtown area of Kapolei and create like a main street that's walkable with a mixture of apartments or whatever above. Lifestyle center's are just another mall and i wish that instead of following trends Hawaii would use the land more wisely and create dense and vibrant mixed use town centers.

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I just attended the neighborhood board meeting where HAIMCO presented their plans to them. They told the board they were about a year away from "groundbreaking." They are planning to build Keanu Drive before starting work on the site. From what I could tell, the differences between the image posted here and the presentation board are minimal. The local newspaper said Safeway would be the anchor tenant, but told the board they had no retail leases signed. They also said it was NOT a "Lifestyle" center, but from the plan view of the center, it has very similar characteristics of one.

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