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My grandparents just got back from a vacation and they bought me a cool keychain from Tombstone. I thought I'd look up info on the city online and saw that it's population used to be bigger then San Francisco's but because of mining and such the population shrunk. I also ready that there are some historical places there. Does anyone have any pictures or anything to tell about being there?

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It's quite the tourist destination. I personally really dislike it, just because it's WAY too touristy with cheesy t-shirt shops and guys hanging around in cowboy garb.

The main street (Allen Street, I believe), is closed off to car traffic and there's a layer of dirt and gravel to attempt to maintain the historic look. All of the building facades are also supposed to be 19th century-looking.

There are some much cooler ghost towns like Pearce, Gleeson, Courtland, etc around Tombstone, but these are just left out of the tourist books. Pearce has especially developed into a cool little town, and even has a B&B and guest ranch.

There was an article about Tombstone's troubles with its historic designation in the Tucson paper a few days ago. The article is here. There are a couple of good pictures there as well.

I have some more pictures as well from a couple of years ago. They were taken kinda early in the morning, so there's not a whole lot of people on the streets. Toward the afternoon during the tourist season, the parking situation gets a little ridiculous. The pictures were taken before the above-mentioned street was closed off.




An example of the touristy-type things you'll find here:




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