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Detroit by Night


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Night settles in over Detroit


The Financial District


Grand Circus Park


The historic Kales Building - constructed in 1914 & designed by famed architect Albert Kahn


Comerica Park & Ford Field



The western half of downtown Detroit


The Renaissance Center & Cadillac Tower


The eastern half of downtown, with Lafayette Park & the East Riverfront beyond


The Metropolitan Building




Woodward Avenue


The Book Tower, with the Ambassador Bridge behind


Capitol Park and the soon to be renovated Book-Cadillac Hotel


Woodward Avenue looking north. The golden top of the Fisher Building can be seen in the distance




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Michi, the pano is from the other night. The moon is absent from the pano because the moon was just rising when you got to the roof, and I took the pano before you got there. The rest of the shots are from earlier in the week.

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its nice to see the night lighting of the Guardian and Stott now. I cant wait look @ that lower woodward picture again in a few years when there is something on that Hudson sight, and some lights coming from the landmarks of Capitol Park and Washington Bl. (BC, Ft Shelby, restored Book)...it really bothers me that someday when there is self-sustaining demand for office/residential downtown that standalong garages like the Compuware garage will take up what could be prime realestate

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Beautiful shots Allan. I can't believe I missed these since I frequent the photos section.

Comerica actually does have a lighting scheme, but it isn't used a lot. There are portions that have spotlights mounted into the ground to shine up on the building and statues. On the concourse there are spotlights as well that illuminate the whole underside in various colors. It's really beautiful, but only turned on during games.

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Hey, WOW! Great pics. I've never seen Detroit look so beautiful.

You always hear such bad things about the city, like it's falling apart and deserted. Your pics show a very electrifying city with a spectacular skyline.

I've always been amazed by the Ren Center. What do you think about it Allan? I was a kid when it was built and the first time I saw it in a book, I thought it was so futuristic looking.

One more question for you, if you don't mind. What kind of camera/lenses do you use?



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Thanks, everyone!

Bruce, I use a Nikon D50 with the 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 lens. I need to get some better lenses, but that's near the bottom of my priority list right now.

As for the Renaissance Center, I'm not really a fan. It's disconnected from the rest of downtown, and dominates over all the other buildings. The building really once was a fortress. The renovations GM has made have definitely improved the complex's appearance, navigability, and connection with the rest of downtown.

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I don't think the Ren Cen is disconnected from the rest of downtown anymore. The only major disconnect that remains is the lack of a pedestrian crossing at the tunnel entrance. They either need to build a pedestrian bridge over that intersection or rework it to create a pedestrian crossing. Other than that General Motors has really opened it up to the rest of downtown. Eventually when the Port Terminal is built and the Riverwalk connects to the Ren Cen it'll be even better.

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Fantastic pictures, Allan! Great job. :thumbsup:

And I have to say, I love the Book Tower. There's something about the grit and history visible in the building that really gets me. Actually, I could say that for many buildings in Detroit.

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