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NBJ articles looks at development in MD TN

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There is a special section in the NBJ called "STRUCTURES" this week. There are a lot of projects in the MD TN area and they address most of them. There is a listing of the top 100 projects in the area and noticebly missing is the Signature tower and the WES. Most of these are already under construction or have received financing. So that is why those projects may not be mentioned. Also missing are the numerous projects that have been going on at Vanderbilt with the exception of Gillette Hall and the the new dining hall there.

If this is any indication of the activity in the MD TN area and only the ones under construction, then 2006 will be a banner year for new unannounced projects in the pipeline.

 Brasfield & Gorrie puts its stamp on Nashville projects

 Upside: Residential projects dominate building landscape

 Guest commentary: Myth vs. reality: Performance bonds help but don't cure all

 Newton Oldacre McDonald sets sights on West Nashville

 Architects: Kent McLaughlin talks about creative process

 Guest commentary: Systems go: Is your building operating at peak efficiency?

 Fortunate reversal: The birth of SoBro and what it means

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