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Toronto Waterfront


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Toronto has been presented with an amazing opportunity - to create an exciting inviting Waterfront on land that is now largely vacant, derelict or barely used.

It's an opportunity, which, if seized, can lead our whole region to new prosperity, and opportunity. If we miss it, we probably won't ever get another chance like this.

The entire waterfront stretches for 29 miles (46.6 kilometres). The eastern and western parts are generally excellent urban lakefronts where preservation and selective enhancement is needed. The Central Waterfront, approximately 10 kilometres stretching from Jameson Ave. in the west to Leslie St. in the east, is this region's heart, a place of extraordinary circumstances, both problems and promise.

Everyone who passes by the waterfront will recognize the problems. For decades, the problems have stymied planners, investors and decision-makers, but now there is a way to move ahead.

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Where I live, in the extreme east of Toronto, the tracks are almost right up against the water. At some points, the rails are raised 1 or 2 metres above the normal elevation. This makes the rails basically a barrier to the waterfront in my area, which is sad, because if the tracks weren't there, my area could have been a seriously awesome waterfront. However, what they have done, is built a pedestrian tunnel under the tracks at the end of a major street, and also created a little "pod" of land that juts out into the lake, which will eventually join the waterfront trail. I cannot wait until that trail is finished, it will be great for not only Toronto's residents but for tourism as well.

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