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Urban Tours - Lexington, KY


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I am considering doing an 'urban tour' of Lexington, KY if anyone is interested. The hotspots, of course, will be the downtown development projects and the central business district. This started off as my interest in photography and urban design, and I have been - as of late - photographing some downtown structures from various vantage points. This includes parking garages, pedestrian overpasses, and so forth at all hours, but some of the most spectular have been at night.

I am going to open it up and want to gauge some interest. It would be towards the evening hours and possibly into the nighttime for some long-exposure photos.

Questions - comments - suggestions? Throwing the ball around here, seeing what others think of this. Perhaps if this one is good, try it in Louisville and Cincinnati?

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If I lived nearer you end of the state I would be game, sadly I am not. I think its a good idea though and I hope some locals take you up on this.

I would be very interested in seeing your photos when you get a chance and are willing to share them with the forum in a picture thread. Photo threads are always welcomed on the forum, and we need to drum up some interest and activity. Photo threads usually get alot of attention and postive feedback. :D

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My older photos of Lexington are on my hard drive somewhere, but with 40 GB worth of photos and four years worth on this hard drive, its going to take a while to find them. I'm working in a queue system, so the newest ones get my full attention, and then I work back and go over the older sets.

So expect to see some that I took tonight up on Urban Planet soon :)

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