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11 story hotel planned for the DCC area


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Is the DCC the new MSC? I would think it would be a good replacement since the Midsouth Colliesum isn't up to the ADA standards so its good days as an arena are behind us. And the Pyramid is being converted into a mega store. And most of all, the Grizzlies are stuck with the operating losses at the Fedex Forum. Why are people complaining about the non-compete clause? There are alot of venues for small events like Mud Island, Cook Convention Center, Agricenter, and the Germantown Centre. IMO, if we lose a few events to Mississippi, so be it. Not many stores or resturants to go to in the area after a concert and the DCC is obviously a nicer venue.

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There are still some events that use the Coliseum, but clearly not enough to keep it economically viable. It's a 43 year-old building that would take several million dollars to bring up to ADA standards, not to mention the costs to keep it well-maintained (which it is not right now). I think their are enough venues in town (Forum, Convention Center, DeSoto Center, Shelby Farms Arena) to handle the load.

Perhaps the Coliseum could be sold to a church. Otherwise, it should probably be closed and demolished.

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