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Tiers of geographic self-identification


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The categories are: American, Southerner, resident of particular region of the South, resident of state, resident of particular region of state, resident of city. All categories don't necessarily have to be utilized.

How does it all boil down for you? What are your tiers of geographic self-identification? For me, it would be:

1) American

2) South Carolinian

3) Southerner

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When I lived in SC it would have been ranked higher - so now...

1) Southerner

2) US resident

3) South Carolinian

4) Atlantan

4 of course is interchangable based on whichever city / state I live in. But correct, I still consider myself a South Carolinian, no matter where I live. And I will still consider myself a southerner, wherever I live in the US. Then if the case is that I live outside of the US, well... I'll think about it, I don't have my heart set on being 'American' for the rest of my life.

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1) Charlestonian (just because at the moment I'm more interested in local history and local issues than national ones, although that could change...)

2) American (of course)

3) Southerner

4) South Carolinian (I ranked this lower than Southerner because, although I think S.C. has qualities that distinguish it, I think overall it's a pretty typical Southern state. Of course, that's because a lot of the South's customs started here :D )

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Does this include past states youve lived in? Then for me it would be....


New Yorker









T, you're a mutt! And double the southerner!

I'm an American, Virginian, Richmonder, Southerner who's proud to live in Megalopolis' extention.

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Yep, but there's only one country who considers its people to be "Americans." I've never heard anyone from any other part of North or South America call themselves Americans.

Eventhough they are technically Americans too... leave it to us to take over two continents and claim it as our name only!

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