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Rural King

Paris, TN Part III

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My last thread on Paris will be mainly a hodge podge of building and street shots from around the downtown area. Hope everyone enjoys one last thread on this small West Tennessee town.

So here we go!

Old train station.


Tracks heading north out of town.


I believe this building down on a street mainly consisting of churches may be apartments, or were at one time.


First Baptist Church


Street scene.


The time before this photo was taken when I was in Paris this old downtown grocery was open, alas it no longer remains so. Another little bit of history gone.


An old building being put to good use - Board of Public Works.


They don't make buildings like this anymore.


Another very nice old church.


Random distance shot with the Court House tower sticking out in the distance.


Masonic Lodge


Paris's architecturally pleasing Post Office.


Not sure what this was used for, railroad perhaps.......looks rather gritty.


Mr. Bill's BBQ is now open eh?


Downtown bar with a rather nice train mural, notice the tracks that run downtown are in front of it.


A picture of the bar's facade and vintage sign.


The tracks.


Paris has alleys and grafitti.


Did I mention its bad graffiti?


Road Signage.


Old downtown JC Penny's store.


I think this shot is a good way to end the thread.


I hope everyone has enjoyed these threads.

Thanks for viewing! It is most appreciated.


Links to Parts I and II:

Part I: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=24189

Part II: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=24508

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They don't make buildings like this anymore.


Great pics !

The structures in this photo are similar to the beautiful Italinate-Victorians that were on the north side of Nashville's Courthouse Square, sadly, demolished in 1974. :cry:

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Thanks for the pics again! :thumbsup: My favorite is the railroad shots. With that graffiti it seems like they might have a gang there. :(

Oh probably not. Just some kids felt like spray painting. We got graffiti up here in rural Michigan but no real gangs. Just a few wannabes. Like the T mobile posers in commercials :rofl:

Where is the Eiffel Tower picture. I was looking forward to a good shot of that. Paris' website only has this one...


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Oh yeah! Sorrry about forgetting about those.

Here you go!



These were taken back in January on a different day from the others.

The Eiffel Tower is located in a nice city park located off a side road from the main new commerical strip area of town that runs along US641.

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Thanks for the pics. It's good to see that so many old TN small towns have managed to prosper.

I remember going to the fish fry with my father way back when.

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