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A new UP feature has gone live today.... local pages are being created for various cities. You can access it by clicking on the City Pages link on the blue bar near the top of the homepage. In SC we have one for Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston.... I will probably create more as I have more free time. Each page has its own discusison cloud and various local information links... If you have any other useful links please let me know.




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Nice, dude!! That's awesome. I took the liberty of doing a second draft of the intro text... made some minor spelling corrections, reshaped and fleshed it out a bit. I'm an editor by trade, so please consider this a humble submission. I could not stop myself. :) Oh, and I added a blurb on Main Street. It should all now be pretty "evergreen" also. Feel free to use as is or edit it or not use it at all!


Columbia's urban renaissance is truly amazing. The redevelopment energy that first emerged in the early 1990s around the Congaree Vista warehouse district now permeates the entire city. New projects are being announced at an unprecedented rate and investment in Columbia's downtown is at an all-time high. The trend has even spread to the neighboring cities of West Columbia and Cayce where new growth is spreading westward from the riverfront.

A key development in downtown's renewal is the transformation of the historic South Carolina Department of Mental Health campus on Bull Street into a new urban-style neighborhood designed by world renown planning firm DPZ. Read more HERE.

The long-anticipated CanalSide project, a new mixed-use riverfront neighborhood on the site of the former Central Correctional Institution, has been slow to start but is finally taking off. Check out the latest news and discussion HERE.

Richland Mall's slow demise will give way to new life as it is retrofitted and reshaped into the stylish urban town center, Midtown at Forest Acres. Click HERE.

The University of South Carolina's future is in the field of research. USC's Innovista research district is emerging as a state-of-the-art learn/live/work/play environment stretching from the heart of campus to the Congaree River. Check out the latest discussion HERE.

Even with redevelopment occuring all around the city, Columbia's Main Street has struggled. But the historic street is making a major comeback. With a fresh look, the construction of the impressive Meridian tower and First Citizen's headquarters, as well as a number of residential and retail projects in the mix, Main Street will surely be the downtown destination it once was again soon. Read the latest HERE.

Discuss other projects such as the Kline Steel site redevelopment, Five Points streetscaping, mixed-use projects on Lady Street, the redevelopment of Columbia's oldest tower, the Barringer Building, into apartments, and much much more!

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You should also know that you can access columbia's city page directly by using this link:


Also, I really appreciate the edit emerging. I think its fairly well known that I am not the best typist. That page will need to be updated fairly regularly, so if any of you want to submit an 'article' (for lack of a better word) [to me] and some corresponding images, that would be much appreciated.

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