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Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

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I'm trying to intern in Los Angeles this summer and will need to locate some suitable housing. What are some relatively reasonable neigborhoods near downtown Los Angeles that a student could live without having to keep their guard up?

I have been interested in;

Los Feliz

MacArthur Park

Mid Wilshire

These places had short term options available and were reasonably priced (for LA).

Can anyone who lives in the area give me some insight on these areas or perhaps recommend other neighborhoods around town that would be safe and not too far of a commute to downtown?

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Mid Wilshire is a pretty decent area. Los Feliz is a hip area close to Hollywood. Both are pretty safe areas and are about the same distance from Downtown with Los Feliz being a bit closer. The commute can be ugly no matter what, though. MacArthur Park I can't remember anything about but the name.

I was you I'd go Los Feliz.

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