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Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

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I'm working on a bus map for The Rapid's system in GR (i.e. not the area out in Allendale yet. It has two parts: a low detail map for the complete(ish) service area and a high detail map for the downtown area.

WIP Here:


The empty space to the left and bottom will be for text-based info --- the route list, service distinctions, etc.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what should be included at each detail level? What do bus riders need to know the locations of? FYI, I've disabled the road label layer for this render because they're kind of all over the place atm.

I know this isn't a transit update per se, but this is the most relevant thread I could think of.

Disclaimer: I am not professionally associated with The Rapid in any way. I just ride it.

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New WIP here:


I had to make the detail map a little taller to fit DASH North (#52), so the station layout diagrams are a little cramped. I'll fix it later. I notice now the river is also cut short, haha.

I reenabled the label layer despite not adding anything to it, so it's still a mess. I also still have yet to add little indicators along the lines for which number they belong to, to make keeping them straight easier.

As ever, if anyone has any thoughts on improvements they'd be appreciated.

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23 hours ago, ZAP! said:

Since no one's told me not to yet, I'm just gonna keep posting occasional updates until the diagram is done. I switched up the colors, I'm thinking I'll ultimately end up with two versions -- light and dark theme.


It looks great. Keep it up!

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Further updates:


I finally made a trip out to Kentwood Station to record the new platform layout, shown in the lower middle of the artwork. I also added some inoffensive stylistic flair to the corner (to be enhanced later, I'm not super pleased with it), more labels, compasses, etc.

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