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IKEA, Garden Ridge, HHGreg

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A thread similar to the Charlotte thread. There are a few regional stores that have managed to elude the triangle. With us now having Saks, and Nordstroms, and Costco and BJ's there are a few stores that would logically follow. I've read in the News & Observer that "Trader Joes" Grocery Stores are looking hard at and triangle entry in Cary. And I suspect that the following spots won't be to far along.

HHGregg>> Electronics Retailer like Best Buy and Circuit City- nearest location Charlotte.

IKEA>>Gigantic Home Furnishing Warehouse-nearest location DC, Atlanta.Petition to Bring IKEA to the Triangle

Garden Ridge>>Greenery, Household Decorations- nearest location, Greensboro

The Container StoreContainers big and small- nearest loc, DC, Atlanta

What is the Triangle ready 4? :D



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I LOVE the Container Store. I always try to put it on the itenerary when I go to Atlanta. With Organized Living shutting down and Hold Your Own closing in Pleasant Valley, we are back where we were 10 years ago. Hold Your Own, Target, and BB&Beyond are alright, but the Container Store is definitely the best. I haven't been to Garden Ridge or HHGreg. They sound great. Of course I'd love to have IKEA, butI think it will be a while before they come.

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My retail wish-list:

Trader Joe's - I'm willing the Cary store rumor to be true.

IKEA - Potomac Mills is a long drive.

H & M - Migrate!

I'm not feeling deprived of food, furnishings and fashionable clothing; but these are a few of my favorite stores. Periodically I go to their respective web pages and check to see where new stores are located. I try to ascertain whether this area is likely to be on their 'coming soon' list in the near future.

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Trader Joe's To Expand In Southeast

APRIL 18, 2006 -- Specialty grocer Trader Joe's, Monrovia, Calif., will be expanding its presence in the Southeast, announcing a store to open in Atlanta and the possibility for stores in North Carolina, reports The (Raleigh, N.C.) News & Observer. The newspaper reports that a company spokeswoman confirmed that the grocer is looking into North Carolina for new stores and cited area brokers as saying that the first store in the area will go in Cary.


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Excerpt from Cary News about Trader Joes going in the Saltbox Village

Lawrence Hardee, the town's permits supervisor, said the permits and inspections department has been contacted within the last several weeks about Trader Joe's moving into the Fresh Market space in Saltbox Village on Kildaire Farm Road. Fresh Market has announced that it is moving to a new location at Cary Parkway and Waldo Rood Boulevard this summer.

Link to rest of article:


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