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Norwich - Shipping Street revitalization

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This project could really help Norwich regain its urban character, nearly all of which was lost in the urban renewal projects of the mid 20th century. For a small city its core was pretty big. Downtown included at least three theaters and two movie cinemas back in those days. There is the shell of one of the cinemas left. Everything else was replaced by: a parking garage with the best harbor views in the city, a courthouse, a dunkin donuts, and a parking lot. If Utopia (which I now vehemently oppose) passes Norwich could position itself to build more of an urban core by luring some of the tens of thousands of new area residents. With the casinos nearby (thus competing for acts) I'm curious as to see what other avenues they will persue to revitalize downtown. I'd like to see a theater/club that draws the type of acts that you might see at Lupos in Providence or Toad's in New Haven.

Even if this project is done right I feel Norwich has a loooooong way to go.

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