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SC Tax reform is back


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Check out this article from The State.

The legislature has brought back property tax reform proposals. This article outlines 3 different forms of it. I think that if we have to do it this way, the small form that gives local governments the most control is the only one that makes sense.

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I still think a overall flat sales tax is the awnser for the state and federal government.This way everyone is accountable and no one can scam the tax system.If you can get the I dont know how many million of people who escape income tax to put in their share then everyone will benefit, possibly with lower taxes.All i'm saying is we all live here so we all should have to play by the same rules.

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Another editorial on tax reform.

I'm glad the Legislature didn't make a rash decision just to meet a self-imposed deadline.

Personally, I think the most important consequence that will result here is how our schools will get funded. That is the linchpin in determining the future economic competitiveness of this state.

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