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Traffic Research Paper Survey for Commuters


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I am working on a school research paper dealing with traffic congestion problems in America. One of the requirements of the paper is a survey. So, I decided that I might be able to get some responses from here. Hopefully this is in the appropriate forum for this topic.

The paper is basically about how, historically, building more highways to accommodate the existing traffic encourages urban sprawl which creates more traffic problems. So rather than constantly building more roads, the existing roads should be used more efficiently by encouraging car pooling and bus use.

And now for the questions. They assume you are a commuter who drives alone, simple yes/no...

1. If a $1 per gallon gas tax were to be added to the cost of gas, would you be more likely to find someone to carpool with?

2. If you wanted to carpool with someone to save on gas money, do you know anyone nearby that you could conveniently carpool with?

3. The problem with bus systems is that it can be very time consuming and inconvenient to get where you need to go. Has this inconvenience ever stopped you from taking a bus?

4. If the bus system were somehow made much more convenient for your commuting situation, would you consider taking the bus more than driving to save money?

Hopefully I'll get some responses. Thank you for your time!

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