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List of Pittsburgh development projects to brag about

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I'm sure we are all excited about the recent developments in the Pittsburgh area, but how about a list. The city used to provide them on their website but no more. Here is my list. Feel free to add. Also, does anyone see the population in Pittsburgh rebounding, or even increasing in the near future?

1) Piatt Place

2) New Pnc tower

3) Greyhound bus terminal

4) 151 First Side

5) Recently completed nice condo/apartment tower on Ft. Duqesne Blvd. name?

6) Pitt's new Biomedical research tower

7) Craig and Fifth

8) African American History Center

9) North Shore - Stadium Area

10) One International Center and South Side Works continued development.

Only if we could get better public transit options (subway/lrv).. Also we still have a chance for maglev!

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Here's a few:

CMU's (Bill) Gates Center for Computer Science coming soon to Oakland

The next phase of South Side Works

Robot City - coming soon to Hazelwood

Phase II expansion of the Pittsburgh Technology Center


I do see Pittsburgh's population rebounding. South Side is a boomtown, Lawrenceville is well on it's way and I am told that sales of downtown condos are better than expected. I don't know if the overall region's population will grow, but I think alot more people will consider the city as a viable/desirable option in the very near future.

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This is my list. I tried not to duplicate anything. Everything here should be completed or construction underway by 2010. As for the population of Pittsburgh, I do think that it will grow in the next decade. Not to the 700,000 that it once had but a sizable increase.

(the name for the apartments on Fort Duquesne Blvd is Encore on 7th).

South Side Works:

--riverfront park

--17 story hotel

--Smaller hotel

--River condos

--Asian Business center

--Hofbrauhaus beer garden

--Completed tunnel park

--Second American Eagle building

East Liberty development:

--Eastside development around Whole Foods

--Highland Building Condos, Hotel and Parking Garage

University of Pittsburgh Police Headquarters

Boulevard of the allies bridge project (Fifth and Forbes near Craft in Oakland)

Expanded Pittsburgh Technology Center

CMU computer science building funded by Gates Foundation


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sorry if these have been mentioned:

Granite Bldg residential conversion

Armstrong Cork Factory residential conversion

Metropolitan Shadyside (42 unit condo)

Giant Eagle / condo project

Lofts on Baum

Blackbird Lofts (Lawrenceville)

Fairmont Apts and retail (Penn Ave - Garfield)

project featuring 15 lofts, 10 artist studios, retail adjacent to aforementioned Fairmont Apts

48 townhouses by Sota on the south end of South Side's 18th St.

Rand Corp. Building in Oakland

several Mt. Washington mid-rise condos

300-unit housing development in New Homestead neighborhood

E. Liberty YMCA loft conversion

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I may have missed it but I don't think anyone mention Duquesne University's expansion. Also, there is some kind of residential building going up in Oakland, on Neville just off of 5th. And on Centre Ave. in North Oakland/Shadyside there is a new retail building underway. Looks like it will host several businesses.

By the way, is the Carnegie Science Center talking about expanding again? I was so dissappointed when they ditched the plans before.

Oh and I would love to here more about this Robot City.

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One more thing: As to whether I can see the city's population growing... Yes I can.

Take this article for example. It says that over 1/3 of new Downtown residents are from out of town. Less than 1/3 are from the suburbs, and the remainder are from elsewhere in the city. This shows there are people coming from outside the city and outside the region to live here. Perhaps we are the next hot market. Not that I want to city to boom so much it becomes crowded or expensive, but I would love to see us finally get the respect we deserve, and I would love it if people could no longer say this city is shrinking. Not to mention that more residents means more tax revenue, which we need.

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Great add on's evergrey and gerbil!

In my long list, I did have the Duquesne University expansion.

gerbil- do you have any other information about that residential building going up on Neville?

There has been some talk that the Carnegie Science Center will start the expansion process again soon. However, this time they will do without the Star Architect, so that costs do not go over.

Also, I think the Port Authority wants the UPMC Sports Works building for the T expansion. Hopefully we will hear something in the newspaper soon about this.

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I only know about the building on Neville because I drive past and see them working. The sign shows what looks like a condo building.

How dissappointing that the science center won't be going with the great design they had. Now it'll probably be dull. Still, you never know.

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^^Great talleys here, nothing to add to those but I am very excited to see how much is going on in and around downtown lately, these lists are a great way to showcase how Pittsburgh is really turning the corner of late.

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