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Crystal Lofts

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The Crystal Lofts have come up a couple of times on this forum and I have read a couple of articles about it in Model D. The last description in both articles on Model D is this:

"Phase two of the 3100 block will consist of approximately 175 residential units, 15,000 square feet of commercial/retail space, and the construction of a new King David Lodge Headquarters."

Does anyone have any information about this Phase II? It sounds like a big project with all of the units and retail. Looks like we might have another MidRise on our hands in Midtown. Sounds good to me.

Crystal Lofts to add new life to a grand ballroom

City OKs brownfield credits for Crystal Lofts in Midtown

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Just saw where its at. You guys can figure out what we will have there. You are the experts. Here it is:

Boxed in blue is the Grand Ballroom:

Boxed in red is the block:


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