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My Neighborhood Designated as Historic

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North End Historic District Approved


Courant Staff Writer

April 25 2006

The Hartford city council gave final approval Monday night to the creation of a historic district in the city's Blue Hills neighborhood.

The designation creates the "Ridgefield Historic District," a section of approximately 30 homes along Keney Park, running on Ridgefield Street between Westbourne Parkway and Plainfield Street in the city's North End.

The newly created district is home to many prominent members of the Blue Hills civic community, including Temple Shannon of the Blue Hills Civic Association; board of education Vice Chairwoman Elizabeth Brad Noel; and Noel F. McGregor Jr., chairman of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee.

The council's action caps a lengthy campaign to officially recognize the block's historic significance, and give that significance legal protection.

It all started when Mayor Eddie A. Perez designated the street as a "pride block" in 2003 under his home ownership initiative that year. The honor came with a $10,000 grant, and residents used part of their designated money to hire an architect and conduct a study on the block's historic merits.

The completed study went before the Hartford Historic Commission, the state Historic Preservation Council and the city's planning and zoning commission. In February, the matter came down to a vote of the block's residents, who approved the creation of the historic district with a 92 percent plurality.

"It gives prestige to a neighborhood," Noel said Monday after the council voted.

In other news, the council authorized the borrowing of $2 million for renovation and improvement of the existing police headquarters on Jennings Road as well as several police substations.

Copyright 2006, Hartford Courant

This article was real short so I posted it. If someone has a problem let me know.

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