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Proposed: New London - Ocean Beach Condos


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Looks like the project will be on hold for now to address residents' concerns. I don't see them allowing something like this through... The article gives a good little history about the site. Ironically, the park was created through the acquisition of properties via eminent domain after the Hurricane of '38 destroyed the waterfront area.

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Troland was a major mover among the visionary officials and civic-minded residents who created the park after the 1938 Hurricane turned the old beach into piles of scrap wood. As New London's law director at the time, he was in charge of acquiring property for the new one, a chore that demonstrated his legal skills and patience for months.

Thomas E. Troland later became a widely-respected chief judge of Superior Court, but he always kept an eye on Ocean Beach. He was not thrilled with some businesses the former Beach Board allowed over the years, and he was particularly annoyed in the 1970s when some large scale development or other was discussed. He wrote:

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