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Centrally Located "Green" Charity Food Dist. Center in Downtown GR?

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Brainstorming session Ladies and Gentlemen!

Here is my proposal-

Consider these factors first:

-I have a perfect facility identified to operate this in downtown GR which is whiteboxed and ready to go

-Government contacts are already in order at the State level

Ever hear of Second Harvest food banks? They move massive amounts of donated food products to outreach centers all over metro areas. Thousands of tons a year of these donated food products are usually distributed from a "big box" somewhere in an outlying area to the metro area of need at great transportation expense due to high real-estate costs.

I would like to:

-Work with Gleaners Second Harvest or any/all other organizations to create an efficient donated food distribution center in downtown Grand Rapids to reduce fuel consumption/costs so savings can be realized and applied to greater distribution potential.

-Apply for grants for construction of a paper and IT recycling/destruction operation with overall goal of future costs of overall operation to be covered by recycling revenues.


Document Shredding

Computer equipment recovery/recycling

Corrugated Recycling/shredding

-Create jobs for people with disabilities

-Educate the public on recyling issues and better approaches

-Donate positive revenues back to community outreach

-Assemble a fleet of "green" trucks/vehicles to recover all materials

What do you think? Anyone have connections at a local or greater level than state to move something like this forward? Know any grant writers that may donate some time to this? There is much more to the overall scope, but I thought I see what you thought.

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