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Rural King

Paducah's Annual Quilters Convention

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The 22nd Annual American Quilters Society Show And Contest is held this week in Paducah (April 26-29) and 30-40 thousand people will attend and generate 20 million dollars for the local economy. On the surface this event sounds like it would be minor, but it is a major deal for Paducah's tourism and economy that for most people would go under the radar, so I thought I would make a thread about it since its an interesting unknown event for the many.

Quilts will be on display and in competition fro 46 states and 12 countries, with $114,000 in prize money this year. The Grand Prize will be 20 thousand dollars.

Paducah is also home the National Quilting Museum which draws around 40 thousand visators to Paducah annaully.

So here is to Quilting and Quilters! Thanks for coming to Paducah and to Kentucky!


WPSD TV NBC Affiliate Paducah, KY (CH6):


KFEA - Kentucky Festivals and Events Association:


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^^Very interesting info RK, never realized that about Paducah, and it has been going on for nearly a generation now. Great info, I hope that it attracts more and more attention for that region.

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