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City being redd up


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Today I noticed the large fountain in the middle of Mellon Square was filled with water and is working again. It has been years since the last time it was running. Is this because of the All-Star game in July?

I wanted to know if anyone else is noticing clean up efforts in the city.

Here is an article that the PG had:

Crews hope clean is catchy as 'redd up' drive sweeps city

When the All-Star game is over, will this effort continue or will things go back as they were?

I think the residents will have to take over this effort. I always look for ways to help, so I find volunteer opportunities for neighborhood clean-ups. It is horrible that most communities only have events for Earth Day, and not year round.

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It's great and everything but these are guys we had a lot more of without anyone ever noticing they were there until the oversight board cut them all. So it's like we're supposed to be thankfull because the lashing stopped for a moment, right? However, I do like the idea of branding and popularizing basic city services so maybe it will help frame future debates about taxes.

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Well it's not nearly enough in my opinion, they could be "redding up" the area by the Duquesne Incline lower station (c'mon all those high weeds, and industrial garbage), the gateway between trendy Mt. Washington and Downtown is that area right in there.

The fountain under the 279 overpass in Point State Park could be turned on as well (it serves as the gateway not only to the park but to the oldest and most historical structure in the metroplex, the Ft. Pitt Blockhouse and Museum).

In a way a lot of these things are ceremonial and decorative for the events that matter most, I don't think that its a wise use of city resources for things such as these 365 days a year, spend the money but spend it on luring fortune 500 companies here, or a subway to Oakland, form is great but we need function too ;).

Oh and the road work producing tons of powder like dust outside Gateway Center in front of 5th Ave. Place is a great move to red up but I swear that is making me feel like I'm in a dustbowl town on the prarie lol.

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