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Paradise Bay


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More on this enormous project from the The Sea Coast Echo

This is beign fought by Waveland and Bay St Louis. The architecture and building types have nothing to do with either the traditions of the area or New Urbanism. I know this forum loves high rises, but they don't belong everywhere - there are other ways to get density than vertical cul-de-sacs.

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The Breezes of Paradise Bay- Paving Paradise?

I had thought that this project was all but dead, but it pops up again in an article from the Christian Science Monitor. While I have written in favor of high-rise developments under certain circumstances, I remain skeptical that this project would indeed be good for the area. The obvious advantages of high-rise buildings have in withstanding storms and their economic feasibility may be outweighed by their overwhelming impact on an area otherwise undeveloped. The coast must have districts of high-rise development, but allowing them to spread like a pox isn't going to help the area develop cohesively. The environmental questions raised about importing clay into the wetlands areas are real and should not be ignored. I say "should" because they probably will be ignored in the end. A project of this scope would be better placed in Biloxi or Gulfport, but the height restrictions around Keesler AFB make this an impossibility. Why not develop with density, but in a more sensible manner? Perhaps ten or twelve stories with an even more dense cluster of buildings at, say, six floors? this might make more economic sense and would possibly bring the project within the scope of the suggestions of the design review boards after Katrina. As a postscript, I wonder if the same developers are involved?

The Christian Science Monitor

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