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Jacksonville Beach


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This past weekend I headed out to the city of Jacksonville Beach to get a couple of photos for the forum. Unlike most of Florida, most of the businesses in Jax Beach caters to its residents instead of tourist. However, like the rest of the state, it also is seeing a boom in condo tower construction.

Condos lining the beach




shops along 1st Street


another shot along 1st Street


this park is very popular with local residents


I go to Sneakers to see the Miami Dolphins play


Shops & Restaurants line the Ocean front boardwalk


As I said earlier, there's also a lot of condo construction. Here's a taste.





This project will also include office space


There's also a cool pedestrian friendly area where the cities of Atlantic & Neptune Beach meet, just north of Jax Beach.




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I'll take the heat & humidity since I'm used to it. It was freezing to me in Detroit the past two summers I've been there. This year I'll definately bring a light jacket.

LOL. What month did you come in? I don't think I've ever used a jacket in Detroit during late May, June, July, August, & most of September. Heck, I didn't even use a jacket on Friday when I was walking downtown (although it was a bit cool ~50 degrees or so).

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The average high is around 82 or 83 in July, although temperatures in the 90s are not uncommon. In fact, the last few years we've had week after week after week of 90 degree weather. Hopefully you'll get lucky this year.

BTW, I've been approached by a few people about a Detroit forum meet this summer. If you're in town when we have the meet, you're more than welcome to join us. After all, the more the merrier!

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I know what you mean about the football pads. When I used to play, we had two-a-day practices in the middle of August, down in Central Florida. We had a morning session from 7am-10am since it was supposed to be cooler, but by 8 you were definately feeling the heat.

To make matters worse, I was doing yardwork job at the time and I had to mow in between practices.

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But this is florida...

You got to love it.

I could only get up for practice if I was drenched in sweat, but I'm a sucker for a humid summer day.

The only time the humidity really gets to me is at night. It wasn't as bad in Orlando but here in Miami (and Jacksonvile i'd imagine) you have those July and August nights with lows around 78-80 with 95-100% relative humidy. You can feel the air around you and you start sweating the second you come in contact with outside air.

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