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Gassed up the Vespa today


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odometer reading last time: 92.2 miles

odometer reading this time: 221 miles

put in 1.433 gallons of premium

according to two different milage calculators, my resulting m.p.g. is:

89 honkin' miles per gallon!

< insert insufferably smug emoticon here >

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I need to get a Yamaha Zuma soooo bad. It's too bad my new house needs a new furnace and airconditioner so I can be comfortable this summer instead.

were you looking at mike's razz last saturday? scootin' around town is the ish!

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lol, i got a moped(sorta), its actually considered a "go-ped" because its smaller and looks a little different than a moped.It gets about #5 kilometers(whatever that is in miles) to a 1 liter tank of 2 cycle gas. Its not registered or anything, but if i put mirrors and fix my turning signal, it can be street legal. I just ride it illegaly sometimes,lol.

i got pluled over on it once, the cop just laughed and told me to go home.

i looked on the net a little bit, and a Schwinn Campus looks like anice moped, and it supposedly get 117 mpg!!

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This may be a stupid question, but only because I am uninformed... ;)

What do all ya'll motor scooter and moded riders do when there's inclement weather (aka, the last 2 days)? What about winter?


I'm gonna guess it involves The Rapid.

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Inclement weather? Hah! I laugh in the face of inclement weather!

Not really, but here's how I suit up for a rainy ride:

Full-face helmet, rain pants over my pants or jeans, rainproof gloves, and for that '60s-mod touch, black trench coat.

The full-face helmet is the most important element, and so cozy you might as well be lounging in a wing chair and drinking Earl Grey tea.

...oh, and about winter, either the Rapid or the husband-mobile.

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