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Atlanta Does Well in the Fortune 500 List for 2006

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I was a little surprised that we were still ranked so high with the loss of GA-Pacific and BellSouth.

We're still #3 in the nation with 13 companies (BellSouth, which is still counted on the list of Atlanta companies, I did not include. With BellSouth, we still would have 14).

A Ranking of the Cities

List of GA's Fortune 1000 Companies

From that List, We Have Atlanta's 2006 Fortune 500 Companies:

(Company {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} Rank on the F500 list {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} Money in Millions)

1 Home Depot {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 14 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 81,511.0

2 United Parcel Service {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 44 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 42,581.0

3 Coca-Cola {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 89 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 23,104.0

---------------4 BellSouth {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 106 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 20,613.0 (Soon to be in San Antonio)

4 Coca-Cola Enterprises {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 120 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 18,706.0

5 Delta Air Lines {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 135 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 16,191.0

6 Southern {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 165 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 13,554.0

7 SunTrust Banks {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 217 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 10,886.4

8 Genuine Parts {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 245 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 9,783.1

9 Cox Communications {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 316 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 7,054.3

10 Newell Rubbermaid {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 332 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 6,515.4

11 BlueLinx Holdings {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 387 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 5,622.1

12 Beazer Homes USA {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 429 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 4,995.4

13 Mirant {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 479 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 4,209.0

In the Metro Area, We Have:

1 Mohawk Industries {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 327 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 6,620.1 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} Calhoun

2 AGCO {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 399 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} 5,449.7 {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} Duluth

--With Sandy Springs' incorporation, UPS will soon top this list.

What are your thoughts?

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