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New Shipyards Renderings


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I'm pretty excited that we're finally seeing something going on this project...I like the rendering overall, but they need to do something with those horrible light blue boxes on the left...I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of changes made to this before it's actually built.

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Any prospective groundbreaking date?

No, this project has been moving notoriously slow and the project could turn out completely different than it looks here, too....Developers and beaurocracy suck...I hope they keep that sweet cylindrical building, though...It almost looks like a supertall

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New information...

Shipyards project gets re-imagined

The LandMar Group released its plan for the first phase of the Shipyards on Wednesday, opening another

chapter in the beleaguered saga of the 44-acre site along Jacksonville's riverfront.


Read it here: http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stor...shipyards.shtml


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That is fantastic. This project is really going to add a lot to Jacksonville's skyline. particularly that building to the far right that looks to be a separate project. Though I would like to see more buildings like BofA. Its really awesome to see the Jax skyline from the Dames Point bridge, with B of A as the 'peak'

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by Mike Sharkey

Staff Writer

Like any good meal, the chef often spends much more time prepping than he does actually cooking. Hours of shopping, chopping and mixing may only require about 30 minutes in the pan to produce a meal fit for a king.

If you

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