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Katrina Info for Insurance Purposes


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I got a call today at work...I work for the Weather Service...that is basically the same call we get everyday. Someone getting screwed over by the insurance company. For some reason...some companies are still refusing to pay for wind damage with Katrina. According to this gentleman in Diamondhead, MS...the insurance adjustor claimed winds were only 67 mph when Katrina caused a tree to split his home in two...and they will only pay for roof damage since the water that entered his house from the storm surge along the Jourdan River must have caused the tree to fall. Man...what BS.

The info I'm posting is from the NWS and is free to obtain since your taxes paid for it. I think many do not realize it is available and that it shows how strong the winds were before our sensors were destroyed. We did not record the strongest winds with the storm.

I hope this may be useful to someone out there.

Here is a listing in knots and mph of the peak winds we recorded in the region.

Poplarville, MS 117 knots or 135 mph.

Pascagoula, MS 108 knots or 124 mph.

NOE at NASA Michoud 107 knots or 123 mph.

Long Beach, MS 106 knots or 122 mph.

NOE at Air Products 104 knots or 120 mph.

Stennis Space Center, MS 102 knots or 117 mph.

Grand Isle, LA 99 knots or 114 mph.

Buras, LA 99 knots or 114 mph.

Belle Chasse, LA 89 knots or 102 mph.

Port Sulphur, LA 88 knots or 101 mph.

Slidell, LA 87 knots or 100 mph.

Mid-Lake Pontchartrain

(Causeway Bridge 9 mile pt.) 86 knots or 99 mph.

Kenner, LA 85 knots or 98 mph.

Biloxi, MS 85 knots or 98 mph.

Galliano, LA 83 knots or 95 mph.

Here is the link to the report produced by our office.


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