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Twin Cities


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I think these photos of Rochester, which were taken by IBleedPurple, must be seen. Many of you already know that Rochester (pop. 91,000+) is home of the world famous Mayo Clinic. The city is growing at a respectable rate and has 4 of the world's 50 tallest hospital buildings.






The world-famous Mayo Clinic:




The entrance to Mayo:


The new Gonda appendage, and its entrance:



Siebens Building, across the street from Mayo/Gonda:


And just to the right, the Plummer building:


The Fontaine Towers Apartments:


The skyline from the south:



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The city is growing at a respectable rate and has 4 of the world's 50 tallest hospital buildings.
St. Mary's is also the largest private hospital in the world. ;)

my employer has a facility there.

Really? What's that? I ask because Rochester is my hometown. i grew up there, even though I live in Minneapolis now and consider that home. Is it IBM, per chance? We do have the 2nd largest IBM facility in the country, ya know.

In the last pic, is that a tower under construction in the lower right side where the crane is located?

Yes. it's called Broadway Plaza. It's VERY high end condos (around $2K-$3K per month) and is currently the tallest building int he city. 29 stories, but only around 350 feet.

The Mayo Gonda building is currently at around 320 and 19 stories, although when it is completely finished it will be around 30 stories and clsoe to 450 feet tall.

Not bad for a city of 91,000, eh?

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Interesting place.

I live in southern Minnesota, and used to take my mom to the Mayo Clinic. There would be kids from the area with sprained wrists from a football game sitting in the various waiting rooms right alongside some sheik from Kuwait waiting to be treated for who knows what.

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Thanks for the photos. It brings back memories! I lived in Rochester 4 years working at Mayo, and I can't really say I enjoyed living there. It's a city of 80,000 with residents who wish it was a town of 8,000. There's no restaurants, less culture, no nightlife after 4:30 PM, and a vanishing downtown residential core as the sprawl heads up to the farms in the NW and SW that are rapidly being bulldozed for cookie cutter single family homes.

That said, it's a clean, safe, comfortable, and easy place to live, and that's all most residents of that part of the country care about. Mayo, as a place to work and as a place for patients to get care, is without peer and deserves all of the accolades heaped upon it.

Amidst all the banal Midwestern architecture, there are some gems scattered about Rochester, both old and new. I had fun cutting my teeth on photography there. Here are some of my photos. I'll post more later:

Mayo Clinic


Mayo's Impressive new Gonda lobby


A cool angled Mayo corridor


The stone clad Mayo Medical School (former public library) with the newer research building behind it


Another old/new contrast downtown


Some color downtown


The Plumber Building at night


Assisi Heights... (It kills me that I can't find the original of this image, just the small version...)


I'll try to post more some other time...

- Garris

Providence, RI

More of my photography...

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Here's a detail shot of the skyline of the Sieben's Building and some of the surrounding structures (Gonda, hotel, etc). I'll keep trickling images into here. Enjoy!


- Garris

Providence, RI

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