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Group pushing bicycle commuting


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This article is about a group that is working to encourage people in the city to bike to work. They are also working with PAT to improve the "Rack and Roll" program. 100 new bike racks, paid for by a federal grant, are being added to new buses.

This is all great, but I still want to see more bike lanes on city streets.

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That is great news, the Port Authority should really priortize bike racks, there are so many multipliers here it is tough to jot down, but I am so glad to see this issue being pushed into the mainstream of conversation. Bike and atheletic trails/facilities attract families, major employers, would be college students, lower area medical costs, puts us on the map with bike crazy Europe and Asia, increases the street level businesses and inner city revitalization, discourages sprawl and encourages renewal and recycling of older structures. One other thing I have noticed is that in cities where there is a sizeable bike or jogging population people are better drivers, and more in-tune with their local community.

Excellent find Gerbil!

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