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Another 4 Star Hotel In Raleigh ?

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Wasn't Bowties the dance club that used to be in the North Raleigh Hilton?

I never went, so don't know what I missed out on, but Skybox is the least rowdy sports bar I've ever been in. Except maybe when the Ohio State and other non-local fan bases take over.

There isn't that much in the way of sports action after midnight anyway, except west coast games, and even those are usually over by 1. Skybox is almost a hotel bar that happens to be a sports bar.

The service seemed slow given the small number of customers the few times I've been there.

Being sandwiched between two Ale Houses, and Fox and Hound in North Hills probably doesn't help either.

Hilton has been resting on its heels for too long -- hopefully the market will pass them by.

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Yeah, on the bright side for Hilton a Hilton "Garden" Hotel is coming to North Capital near 540 and from what I've seen those are really nice also.

I travel to the west coast every other week and keep it in the Hilton family...Hilton Gardens are nice but they are 1 step below a regular Hilton. Between a Hilton and Hampton Inn.

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