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Best Future Location/Best Future Value


What area will have the greatest future value in 5 years?  

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  1. 1. What area will have the greatest future value in 5 years?

    • Mill District
    • St Anthony Main

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Lets set the record straight right now, the Nicollet will not be built for quite some time (maybe 2012 if we're lucky) due to a little detail called pre-sale requirement for construction--Taget might scoop the deal up and build the tower they wanted to do along with the BP development. The Pillsbury A mill that everyone has been talking about will be selling in less than a year but run 500+/square foot!!! Good luck with anyone on this board buying one of those. The North Loop and Uptown suffer from having too much inventory between 200 and 300k and a few units at the million plus mark and are out of the question. With both the Mill District and St Anthony Main having multi million dollar units in existence and pretty much the rest of the city not coming close: What side of the river will see the best future value?

Is it the Mill District?


Or St Anthony Main?


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"Value" is such an interesting word. I went with St. Anthony Main, for there will be more foot traffic from the surrounding nieghborhoods with the new Lunds and other retail that is established and still to come. That will make more of a scene for the area there than the Mill City Museum, area restaurants, and the Guthrie likely will ever for the Mill District (IMO these listed spots may mainly be pulling people from out-of-town and the suburbs).

Money wise, this is of course merely a guess, it seems to be going that way too (toward St. Anthony Main). Who knows, that could very well change with the wind. ;)

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