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G W North

Toronto street-level photo tours

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These are pictures are took well over a year ago. Pbase no longer allows hotlinking, and there's no way I'm moving all these pictures over to netscape, so you'll have to click the links to see all the pictures.

St. Lawrence/Old Town lies immediately East of the Financial District. St. Lawrence, despite having very few buildings over 15 stories, has a density of close to 100,000 people/square mile thanks to mid-rises built right out to the sidewalk, and almost zero "wasted space" (parking lots, auto garages, etc.). I walked along the yellow line from the "S" (Start) to the "F" (Finish). If you look carefully, you can easily match up some of the buildings from the aerial with the close up pictures:


The pictures:




Queen/John/King Streets. This roughly 2.5 mile tour passes hundreds of stores, restaurants, nightclubs, theatres, etc., and is alive with people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Again, I started at the "S", and walked to the "F".


The pictures:


Yonge St. is the world's longest street. The downtown stretch (pictured here) is about 2 miles long, and includes millions of square feet of retail space (the two largest stores are a millino square feet EACH alone).


The pictures:


Recently built/under contruction condos in Toronto's Entertainment District. These pics are old, so much of what was under contruction is now completed, and some new buildings not pictured here are under contruction. Every condo building built in downtown Toronto in the last several years that I can think of (and there are several dozen) has ground-floor retail/restaurant space, which has helped streetlife.


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