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Portland ME!!!

M. Brown

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I lived in Portland for a short time. If it weren't for my boyfriend's fear of northern New England winters, I might be living there now.

Portland doesn't have a spectacular skyline, but there are some areas where a picture could be taken to make it look decent. But Portland is really all about it's streetscapes. I think it was really one of the first New England cities outside Boston to really turn itself around (Burlington, VT probably reinvented itself at the same time, or a bit sooner). It's a wonderful city, if anyone ever gets the opportunity, I strongly suggest you go.

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Hey fellas,

I saw those pics of Portland, Maine. I've been living there for almost 8 years now. Actually im in the "suburb" Scarborough pop. 16,000 I think. Anyways, o'm originally from the Fitchburg area in Mass. WOW what a difference it is in Maine....it's horrible. I had grown up in the best state with the Cape, the islands, the cities, the sports, the great amusement parks, and the accent. I had the joy of getting up and actually doing something. There were places to go and people to see. In Maine there are just way to many friggin trees!!!!!! The "BIG CITY" as they call it up here is Portland ahahahha i still find that amusing. This little city does have a nice little harbor but let's get real. There's got to be only like 4 people on each street when it's getting dark. This is not becasue of crime or such. Thsi is just because there's just no one here...it's almost a ghost town. Never mind just not living here in the winter...never visit here int he winter. THIS PLACE IS SO BORING!!!!!! You guys down southern New England and New Hampshire think there are HICKS up here? Well they're .. and they are everywhere. These people up here count all the black people they see. It's not normal to see a Hispanic or African American.. I only had one of the two in my school. Thsi si actually a true issue for me. I can't handle that. There is no diversity and there are the lowest populations i've ever heard of. Towns up north have about 30 people per. town and i'm serious. If i win the lotto i'm moving south in a hurry!!

P.S Those pictures of Portland are kind of false, those little buildings are actually on a hill making them look taller than they actually are. tallest building a church.

P.S.S why was there even a post of Portland, Maine? ahahahah

P.S.S.S The city is so small that it takes about 2 minutes to pass on the highway then all of a sudden your back in the woods. It's extremely sad. ..........Sorry about all this writing. it just feels so good to let that out!

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I've spent a lot of time in Portland, and it isn't that bad. It's a small city physically but so is almost every city in NE. DT has the Oldport, Wadsworth museum, some good concerts, statues on congress street, a neat little waterfont. If you want a bigger city Boston its only 1.5 to 2 hours. The tallest buildings are ~14 stories or so, and there aren't many that high. It is built along a hill, but so are SF and may other much bigger cities whose skylines benefit from hills. No its not a metropolis, but it's pretty nice for a small city.

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I should modify my 'roll the sidewalks up at 6pm" statement. While the downtown area around Congress Street features tumbleweeds after dark, the Old Port is quite lievely into the night. Portland is a difficult city if you are under 21 (which I was when I lived there), so much of the nightlife revolves around bars and nightclubs, and all ages venues are few and far between. When I lived there, I very much felt that I'd like the city more, if I was older. It's a great place if you're middle-aged and don't want to be going out everynight anymore. Even when you are over 21, the city is small, and the options for entertainment are few, it becomes claustrophobic, but Boston is just down the road. :)

The attitude of some Mainers that Portland is the big city is also quite precious. So many people were in awe of the fact that I had lived in Boston before I moved there (New York might as well be another planet :lol: ). The city is quite cosmopolitan for being so small however. It straddles a small town and big city flavour quite well. The city is surprisingly ethnically diverse for Maine, and it has a large and thriving gay population as well.

It's certainly not a big city by national standards, but I think it is one of the best cities in New England.

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Someone has to have there facts wrong about the metro population of Portland, Maine, because i no that there isn't a 630,000 metro population like manch said.

Well I found a link and it doesn't surprise me that the metro population is 400,000 lower than what Manch said. If someone doesn't know how to do math...well that's 230,000 for the metro of Portland, Maine.

metro portland maine

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