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Upstate Parks


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A little surprised no one has given this one a bite. One of less publicized that I really like is Jones Gap st park. It has some very pretty (primitive) campsites, that are well spaced out, and are situated near the water sounds of the nearby creek. There are hiking trails, mountain views, and a very pretty waterfall nearby. And don't forget all the wildlife. A beautiful park anytime of year.

Also, the Walhalla fish hatchery is worth a visit or two. they hatch various breeds of trout and stock many of the local rivers and lakes. It is a Gorgeous drive, and you can even fish the adjacent river for some homegrown trout. There is also a walking trail complete with picnic tables, and the trail meanders through some of the oldest and largest trees in the state. This area is home to the largest White Pine and Hemlock trees in the state.

There are many more!

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