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The Woodlands


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OH MY GOSH! I used to live near there! I remember! That big mall with the merry-go-round! That dragon in the lake, the huge gorgeous houses! Its so built up! So many great childhood memories between Kima and the Woodlands.....makes me feel like a kid again :blush:

Awesome pictures!

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No, that's a housing development.

Actually, it's a planned Community. The parents of a good friend of mine live there. It's basically a Disney version of a small city. I have not actually been there myself, but pretty much that is where the world is headed.

It actually represents a good understanding of the New Urbanist ideals - it is very easy to get around, promotes mingling and not as much reliance on the car (although could use better transport) and decent mix of uses. But somehow it falls flat because it is so perfect and so upscale. It lacks the layers and individuality that come with time and independent control.

Before getting too critical, though, think about what is outside the town limits.

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I have family living in The Woodlands, and they love it. And I love it too actually. It's just a beautiful area, and the growth and development taking place is amazing. It's definately high on my list of places I'd like to live in the future.

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