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We recently moved from Lexington to T-ville. We live in a nice neighborhood behind Pilot Elementary(If yall kno were that is) and we are still close to Lexington so I'm okay. It was moms decison she wanted to be in the country "sub country" as she calls it lol. Anywaz, me and the dog went downtown Sunday and it suprised me really. I've rolled threw there before and besides the railroad it looked lame but I have a new prespective now. Here the pics, not the best quality tho.



An arm and a leg


Northbound Piedmont rolling threw. This didn't come out as I wanted, the dog was acting up and my camara didn't catch the train right.


And going away...


The old depot, now the vistors center. It was fun playing on that caboose lol, but yea umm thats the oldest NC depot I belive.



Like the art, nice.


Looking down Main from the Depot, well caboose.


And now for Salem St.(Hwy 109)



Looking across the tracks towards I-85 and Wal-mart etc..


This is my favorite building downtown. It's the police station, it has the classic look to it. Much more intresting than Lexington big box.


A view of the downtown "skyline"...there is a larger 3 or 4 story building for T-ville Funiture offices on the other side of downtown. I'll try to get pics of it later.



Well thats it for now, I like the city more than I use to after this walk. You can still tell that Lexington is the finance center of the county as the town seem much more built up. T-ville is larger in pop and has alot of suburban development, but besides that comparing the two towns I would say would be about equal. The railroad and park beside it is a big plus, and most stores are the same. Dominos and some other chains are in downtown T-ville while Lexington's is more local. But let me stop talking, hope you guys like the pics.

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Great photos! Been through Thomasville several times and can relate to some of these pics.


WOAH! [look left] Traffic signals are going Bergen County, NJ style?????????? Very very un-NCDOT, wonder what they have been smoking lately? :rofl:

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Nice pics Noneck. Welcome to Thomasville. I lived there for 47 years; retired and moved to the country; or what used to be the country. It's now called Winston Salem.

Thomasville does have some interesting sites, and there is a lot of history there.

Your favorite building which is now the Police Department got its start as the City Hall - Headquarters Fire Station - Police Department and Jail.

Looking at the building from the front, the Fire Station was on the left side of the building. A large door was were the glass is now. Two engines were parked inside. The second floor over the "engine room" was the sleeping quarters for on duty firefighters. The were two "slide poles" from the bedroom to the "engine room". The is a small basement that housed the Chief's office and kitchen.

Going up the steps into the front enterance of the building took you into City Hall. When you entered the lobby, the City Manager's Ofice was to the left, County Tax Office was straight ahead, and the City's financial offices were to the right. The Police Department occupied three offices in the rear area of the City Hall floor, and three or four offices in the basement. Also located in the basement were the offices for NCDMV and city's building inspectors.

The top floor over City Hall was the Davidson County Courtroom, which is now used as the City Council Chambers. The old city jail was also located on the top floor.

Another building with some interesting history is located on East Main Street. On the North side of the tracks (Big Chair and fountian side), take East Main to College Street (just before the railraod underpass). You will see an old red building on the corner. Notice the steps going up to the entrance off of College Street. They look like something out of an old southern plantation. That building was originally know as "Woman's College". After opening, the college became so popular that enrollment exceed their space. The college was later moved to Trinity, NC and became known as Trinity College. Again, space became an issue, and the college moved to Durham, NC and became known as Duke University.

Years ago, there was a very strong connection between Duke University and Thomasville. Take a look at Memorial Methodist Church on Randolph Street. It was built by the same folks who built a lot of the original Duke University buildings.

If you ever need to know anything about Thomasville, give me a shout. I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I know a lot of the history.

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Instead of bring up an old thread, I might as well post over in this one. Here are some pics I took Saterday in Downtown T-ville. It's not alot but I thought they came out somewhat decent.


The famous Big Chair



Looking back at the square






A quick shot of the sky(took last summer tho)


I'm planning on taking a walk around Lexington soon as I want to see the progress on the Mix-use project there building uptown. Last time I went by the steel was up and that was about 2 weeks ago. But anyway, hope you all enjoyed the pics.

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