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Well, the sidewalks are all new and there is new lighting which looks fantastic, but I don't recall if there is new street trees yet. Some of the businesses have some really nice facade improvements as well! I don't have any pictures to share right now though.

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There have been very little changes that I've seen to Woodward in New Center. One or two facades have been redone very well though. New Center Hardware is one of them.

Dont forget about the building on the southeast corner of Woodward and Grand Blvd. The one that used to have the netting. Beautifully restored now. Plus the removal of the ugly canopies. Big changes in New Center if you ask me.

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New Center was a bit frantic with traffic today. My friends were taking their own photos and I was struggling to snap shots and drive at the same time. But I did get that one building on the corner of Grand and Woodward


dtown, I don't wanna leave you hanging on what New Center looks like so here's a shot from the WSU parking structure I took last year. It's mainly that clump of large buildings off to the left.


So basically I saw new sidewalks that weren't anything special. It looks nice though.

Now some really nice new sidewalks are going up along Mich Ave.

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