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Norwich - Chestnut Street Revitalization


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After a 50-minute, closed-door session Monday night, the City Council agreed to begin negotiations with a Providence company that has submitted a $3.6 million plan to develop six city-owned properties on Chestnut Street.

The firm, 88-98 Chestnut Street LLC, took its name from the address of the largest building, a condemned, rundown brick tenement. The group has proposed a $1 million historic restoration of the tenement to create 11 apartments. The company also proposed more than $2 million in renovations to other properties along the street, and said it is interested in future projects as well.

The other five properties are located at 86, 93, 99, 105 and 122 Chestnut St.

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Probably the most run down street in the city, but also a street with HUGE potential. Too bad they didn't take the block and relocate Three Rivers Community College there, that would have provided the foot traffic needed to revitalize the neighborhood. A NY firm just purchased the large mill @ the corner of Chestnut/Willow/Franklin. Hopefully they clean the property up and add a mixed use project to the current downcity uptick.

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