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Davis, CA


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I'd heard something about projects like that, since a lot of people are commuting to the Bay Area all the way from places like Davis, Lodi, Tracy, and even Sac itself! But as far as I know, they were just ideas, nothing more. It could also be that they just decide to expand ACE train or similar service using existing tracks.

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Is there a commuter train (or planned commuter train) between Davis and San Fran?

Amtrak runs near-hourly service during business hours between the Sacramento area, East Bay area and San Jose. The service is used by commuters. There are several departures per day that could fit a commuter schedule, for example:

Depart Davis Arrive SF (via BART connection)

4:45 6:52

5:45 7:52

6:35 8:37

7:15 9:22

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This thread was posted over a year ago but no one has posted pics yet. I thought I would bump it because I recently visited Davis to go apartment hunting. Alas, with my wife-to-be accepted to a PHD at UC Davis, I am moving from the urbanism of Brooklyn to the cow town of Davis. Thankfully, it is one of the best cow towns in the country, easy to get around without a car, and near our families.

Downtown Davis

Downtown is pretty small (about five blocks square), with mostly one-story buildings hosting a variety of stores. There are a few new mixed-use buildings, such as these. I could probably count the number of buildings higher than 2 stories in Davis on one hand.



As is well known, the bicycle is a strong symbol of Davis identity. It even graces the city seal.


Residential Davis

Just outside downtown are some very nice residential areas.




With so many tall, mature trees and such modest architecture, Davis can give the impression of being less of a town than a forest with some houses scattered about. (Especially when you just got off the plane from Brooklyn)





UC Davis

I only got one picture of the campus. Like the rest of the community, it is leafy and calm.


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