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Mystery of film location...


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It would be both common in film making if Pittsburgh was not the location for the film adapation of the "Mysteries of Pittsburgh" and till tragic.

I have felt for years that the un-ending growth of the entertainment industry must be tapped into as a viable local industry.

Last month I opened the paper to find an article saying the film of Michael Chabon's excellent novel "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" might not be shot here. This was disappointing, but not a shock. After all, "Chicago" was shot in Toronto. "Gangs of New York" was made in an outer borough called Italy. I personally am producing a feature film about a guy who was a driving force of the music scene in the British city of Manchester. We're shooting in Nottingham.

His points

1. Pittsburgh needs facilities

2. Put together a local incentive package

3. Get local groups to work as a united front

4. Get nontraditional businesses involved


link has his full commentary with some detail on his points.

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Interesting. I wonder what - if anything - this guy is doing, other than writing this piece. Sounds like he has connections.

I hate to say this but I'm frustrated by articles like this. Not because they don't make good points, but because I would rather see people do something. He could get involved with local organizations and encourage them to work together. He could write to local politicians and tell them what he said in this piece.

Maybe he is doing those things already - I sure hope so - but it isn't mentioned in this article.

That said, I agree with him that it would be great if we had better local facilities and incentives. I wonder what ever happened to that big project people were talking about. Probably died due to lack of funding. It all comes down to money really. If it were easy to do these things, every city would.

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