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chicago question?


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i plan on moving to chicago from michigan soon, and i wanted to know where are the best places to find a apartment at a reasonable price. thanks, devon.

don't know if this is an appropriate place to post a question about an apartment search. you should look in the chicago listings on craigslist.org or chireader.com. in most cases, the farther you are away from downtown the cheaper rent is. there are nice areas here and there such as lincoln park, lakeview etc. however, expect to pay higher rent. you can live north such as in uptown or rogers park where rent is cheaper, but there isn't much around there to do. not a problem since you can just hop on the L. however, the cheaper areas are usually going through gentrification so some places are a little sketchy. like i said check out craigslist.org or chireader.com to get an idea on rent prices. its probably best if you come and check out the city to get an idea of how things are laid out so you know where you might want to live. hope this helps.

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